Federal Committee/Task Force Participation

BCSC’s service on departmental advisory committees and task forces such as the USTR International Trade Advisory Committee ensures members have a seat at the table in Washington or Mexico making their voice heard in the decision-making process.

Effective Implementation of Policy Agenda

The BCSC’s work is never finished. Whether working on policy or legislation on either side of the border, or when a  bill is signed into law or a policy is adopted we continue to monitor progress on behalf of members. We’re there throughout the rule making and implementation process ensuring that federal agencies on both sides of the border are acting in the best interest of the cross-border trade, travel and border security in each community.

Legislative Collaboration and Cooperation

The BCSC is often the one of the first organizations looked to by congressional leadership lawmakers on both sides of the border in developing and leveraging effective legislation or appropriations that serve border communities and trade interests.  In fact, the BCSC is continually invited by municipal, state, and federal stakeholders to give expert testimony and address decision-makers in U.S.-Mexico binational forums.

Media Awareness

BCSC works to increase the visibility of border issues by extending our reach with the media beyond the border regions. Frequent coverage in national media outlets such as the New York Times, FOX News, Washington Post, USA Today, C-SPAN and Univision just to name a few, as well as our online and social media presence, helps to ensure that we’re leveraging all tools to advance our policy agenda.

Public-Private Partnerships

BCSC helps to facilitate collaborative efforts between federal, state and local governments and private sector stakeholders to address specific infrastructure and technology.  BCSC’s strong working relationships with local, state and federal agencies allows our members to work with our public sector partners to
identify specific actionable solutions.

Grassroots Approach and Representation

Our strength comes from collaboration with border communities to accurately convey the current challenges facing the border to government agencies and officials as well as among private sector BCSC members. We are frequently in local communities talking about the issues to better understand the concerns of the region to ensure we accurately represent what is truly happening on the ground and not what Mexico City or Washington thinks is happening.

Shared Interests Across Borders

BCSC brings bi-national leaders together from border regions north and south to share best practices in meeting border challenges and identifying opportunities.

Representation In Expert Policy Committees

Our various committees are comprised of experts in their respective fields. They along with the Board of Directors are charged with shaping the positions we take and with formulating the BCSC’s policy agenda that we carry to Capitol Hill and Mexico City and to their respective federal agencies each year.